10 Dominy Court

Hampton, NY


10 Dominy Court E., Hampton, NY

Team: Spring Architecture + Design

Type of Building: Residential

Size: 3,700 sq ft 

In a harmonious blend of modern architecture and eco-conscious design, our recent renovation to 10 Dominy Court stands as a testament to a seamless integration of beauty and sustainability. From the addition of elegant features such as a primary bedroom suite and a new garage, to the meticulous redesign of its kitchen, stairs, and living spaces, this home now reflects a minimalist yet refined sensibility. At its core, this renovation exemplifies our unwavering commitment to modern living that respects and cherishes the environment.

We undertook a comprehensive eco-renovation, making significant improvements to the property. This included constructing a new garage, transforming the old garage into a primary bedroom suite, converting the porch into a living room, and seamlessly integrating the kitchen with the living area.

We also completely revamped the kitchen, stairs, floors, and tiles, both inside and outside the house.

In line with our commitment to sustainability, we introduced geothermal and solar power systems, which allowed us to electrify the entire house.

As part of this green initiative, we removed all gas and oil dependencies, making our home more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.