New York

Team: Spring Architecture + Design, MAXX Properties Real Estate

Project Type: Residential

Size: Approx. 50,000 ft²

SPRING pushed the boundaries of architectural and interior design through an extensive visualization project for the construction of a microhousing apartment complex in New York. Aimed at providing innovative design solutions, this project provides affordable housing options while promoting sustainability, diversity & inclusivity, and community engagement.

Three different design prototypes have been developed. The first is a modern metropolitan building located near a transit line within the city. The second is a contemporary classic building with a pool and communal grounds, situated within biking distance to public transportation in the outskirts of the metropolitan area. The third prototype is a standalone micro-home designed for a potential block of micro-houses in a suburban setting outside the city. The chosen building would serve as a model for future microhousing projects across the country.

The microhousing project by SPRING Architecture + Design is an inspiring pursuit that challenges traditional housing norms. It promotes affordability, sustainability, and community engagement while encouraging creativity, minimalism, and social connections. It reimagines the possibilities of small-scale living and offers a fresh approach to housing.

Hampton, New York

Team: Spring Architecture + Design

Project Type: Residential

Size: 3,700 ft²

Year: 2023

Architecture holds the key to forging a greener future toward resilient spaces and sustainable lifestyles.

This was exemplified in SPRING’s recent eco-renovation of this beautiful home. From the addition of elegant features such as a primary bedroom suite and a new garage to the meticulous redesign of its kitchen, stairs, and living spaces, this home now reflects a minimalist yet refined sensibility.

The introduction of geothermal and solar power systems to completely electrify the house without any gas or oil dependencies was a groundbreaking attempt, which resulted in the perfect blend of modern architecture and environment-friendly design of this residential two-story.