About the Studio

Jessica, the visionary founder of Spring Architecture + Design in New York, combines a rich background in architecture and art with a passion for sustainable design. A Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation alumna, she earned the American Institute of Architects' Certificate of Merit, reflecting her academic excellence and promising professional future. Her journey began with an Honors Distinction in studio art from Amherst College, laying the groundwork for her innovative approach to architecture.

Her professional experience took off at Kohn Pedersen Fox PC, where she worked on significant residential and commercial projects, including the Prudential Headquarters in Newark, New Jersey. Achieving her New York State architecture license in 2010, Jessica’s work seamlessly integrates art and architecture, pushing the boundaries of design.

Jessica’s dedication to blending art, architecture, and sustainability has defined her career. At Spring Architecture + Design, she leads teams that excel in creating residential and commercial spaces exceeding client expectations. Her approach marries artistic integrity with efficiency, ensuring projects meet timelines and budgets without compromising on quality.

Under Jessica’s leadership, Spring Architecture + Design is recognized for its commitment to innovative, sustainable design solutions that prioritize environmental stewardship and community well-being. Her vision for architecture as an art form has made Spring a beacon of excellence in the design world.

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Strategy & Intent

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Design & Development


People & Target


Jessica Talley, CEO and Principal Architect, standing confidently in SPRING Design + Architecture office

With over 20 years in architecture and art, Jessica champions sustainable design and leads with a spirit of collaboration and positivity.

Jessica Talley

Owner & Senior Principal Architect

Megan Mazocco, Sustainability & Wellbeing Director, smiling outdoors with a lush green background

Megan, an Illinois-based WELL Accredited Professional, brings 14 years of experience in promoting health and wellbeing through design, with a rich editorial background in sustainable practices.

Megan Mazzocco

Sustainability & Wellbeing Director

Valerie Romo, Marketing Director at SPRING Design + Architecture, smiling in a professional setting

Valerie Romo, a Marketing graduate based in Norwalk, Connecticut, transitioned from real estate to architecture, driven by her passion for homes and design. She enjoys traveling and dining locally on weekends.

Valerie Romo

Marketing Director

Cedric Kato, forward-thinking designer at SPRING Design + Architecture, in his graduation attire

From the Philippines, Cedric is a forward-thinking designer with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Santo Tomas, celebrated for his innovative approach and versatile skill set.

Cedric Kato



  • All over New York & Connecticut
  • Westport, CT
  • Greenwich, CT
  • Fairfield, CT
  • Westchester, NY
  • Hamptons, NY
  • New York, NY


Krista Raines, Sustainable Design Consultant, in a professional black and white portrait

Krista Raines


"Jessica Talley is a very thoughtful designer. She carefully considers all aspects of her clients’ needs and delivers beautiful architectural solutions. She is very aware of the social and ecological impacts of her work which translates to project outcomes that prioritize the community and planet."

Debbie Lin, Architect, in a professional office setting

Debbie Lin


"I've been friends with Jessica for over 10 years since our time together in the Masters of Architecture program at Columbia University. We've worked on many projects together. Jessica is one of the most committed and passionate architects I know. She is prolific and can execute on complex projects with efficiency and accuracy. I'm always inspired by how she thinks outside the box and comes up with innovative design solutions. She's also a pleasure to work with - empathetic, patient, and always attuned to others."

Maxx Properties Chairman, Robert Wiener, in a professional headshot wearing a purple suit and tie, endorsing SPRING Design + Architecture

Robert Wiener


"Jessica Talley has worked with me on several projects in the last five years and I must say that she is a very talented and creative architect. Jessica is a delightful person to do business with and always produces value."

Marina Goba, a designer with glasses, smiling in a professional headshot, endorses Jessica Talley and SPRING Design + Architecture for creative architectural design

Marina Goba


"Jessica is lovely to work with and she brings countless creative ideas to the table. The passion she has for her work is inspiring which makes it a pleasure to collaborate with her and to design for her."