About the Owner

Born in New York, Jessica the founder of Spring Architecture + Design, received an architecture degree from Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, where she won the prestigious award, given by the American Institute of Architects, the Certificate of Merit for “excellence in the study of architecture" and the "recognition of scholastic achievement, character and promise of professional ability.” Jessica commenced her college studies at Amherst College in Massachusetts where she graduated Cum Laude with Honors Distinction in studio art, painting and sculpture. Upon attaining her graduate degree in 2010, she worked at the international architecture firm Kohn Pedersen Fox PC, on several residential and commercial projects all over the world, including the prominent: Prudential Headquarters Newark, New Jersey. During this time, she obtained her architecture license and registration in the state of New York.

Jessica’s profound experience in both the art and architecture worlds mixed with her passion for the earth and people’s well-being, contributes to her success in design today. Known for her innovative work, she continues to push the boundaries of architecture and design. Over the past few years, with her talent, dedication and experience in the field, Jessica has been creating teams of collaborative design professionals, energy experts, and contractors to successfully construct residential and commercial projects. Exceeding client expectations, Spring provides quality architecture as a composition of art while efficiently meeting time-lines and budgets.

Well-being and Sustainability

are Spring’s main driving incentives in architecture. With comprehensive, energy-efficient strategies and environmentally-conscious materials, Spring makes a meaningful impact while reducing carbon footprint. While balancing playful, creative form with serious, thoughtful function, Spring prioritizes sustainability and helping the climate. Jessica builds teams with an optimistic personality with a silver-lining perspective who are driven by nature and now more than ever concerned for the well-being of people and the environment.

 In 2019, Jessica became a member of the American Institute of Architects' COTE, the Committee on the Environment, which is a powerful group who stands for a sustainable future and is at the forefront of green design strategies and best practices. While, also involved in her local community’s organization and effort for a Sustainable Westport. Jessica uses her experience and creates through a multi-colored lens producing not just beautiful, sustainable architecture, but also a significant level of well-being and health for people to live their perfect life.


“We push through and go beyond the edge, that’s when the magic happens. We know our job is done well when we have impacted a positive wellbeing for people, and a happy, healthy architecture for the community and climate. We are thrilled to see the spark in people’s eyes and experience the excitement in others from our designs. We love what we do.”

Jessica Talley, Founder 

I Believe...

nature will take its course 

the climate needs our help 

in respecting all living things

in being grateful 

in helping out

I can help People be healthier and happier

in restoring the planet’s health

I will leave a legacy of my architecture and design business, pass on my creativity, love, passion and optimism to my children

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