New York, NY

Location: New York USA 

Team: Spring Architecture + Design, MAXX Properties real estate

Type of buildings: Residential 

Size: Approximately 50,000 ft2

Description: We did extensive visualization including renderings, marketing books, and floor plans and elevations for a new construction of a Micro housing apartment building, and Micro homes. Housing for affordable and mixed income. We worked on several prototypes and the ones shown below are some of our favorites.

A community-based project for all people, the individual, the business professional, families, a spectrum of classes, and the retired. It encourages and invites a neighborly feel with collective spaces such as a community club room, a recreation room, shared office space, a workout/gym space and a lobby/lounge off a plaza.


Spring Architecture + Design has worked on three different design prototypes so far to spearhead this project that is on the horizon: a modern metropolitan building close to a transit line within city’s reach; a contemporary classic building with pool and communal grounds within biking distance to public transportation from the outer regions of the metropolitan area; and a singular free standing micro home for a potential block of micro houses in a more suburban setting outside the city. The chosen building will be the prototype and model for other micro housing apartments needed around the country.

The apartment building is a Three-story, Approximately 50 apartment units in the micro scale ranging from 250 square foot studios to 350 to 500 square feet one bedrooms and convertible two bedrooms. Also includes parking, drop-off, bicycle access, main lobby and seating, office with wi-fi and social media connection, resident recreation space, community room rooftop, workout gym, bicycle room, laundry, trash, and superintendent on grounds, as well as bicycle storage and other storage and amenity space. 


The interiors and shared spaces around the grounds were designed to engage people, invite the community in, and encourage gathering and social experience, in an easy and accessible way. 

The Microhomes are singular homes, two types are designed: one bedroom 450 sq ft or less, and a studio space of 250 sq ft or less. The homes are super efficient spaces that are designed in an attractive, modern aesthetic. 

The micro pods or homes include all necessary living items: kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area, lounge area, and outdoor space. We designed a visual package of realistic renderings, a marketing book, plans, elevations, and 3d physical models of these homes. They are designed for build and are a prototype for upscale looking, high quality build, yet affordable living given its small in nature, sustainable, efficient architecture.